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Hot Skillet


Morning light peeks through the trees.

Coffee grounds work their way into the french press.

The cast iron starts to sizzle.

The day is warming up.

Hot Skillet Media was founded out of a love for the fresh start and inspiration that mornings bring to the table. Beyond a serious affinity for breakfast food, HSM values community and creativity. It all starts with a medium roast cup of coffee bright and early; fiery new campaign ideas, bold social media content, enticing pitches, must-read email campaigns, event activation concepts. and data analysis. HSM has the passion and skillset to move the needle and give your brand the marketing boost it craves.

HSM can make your brand sizzle.

the hsm experience

“We’re so thrilled to have Julie Bacon on board. We’ve been aware of her creativity and passion for the outdoor industry, and now she brings her immense skillset to Granite Gear. I couldn’t be happier.”

Rob Coughlin / Granite Gear / General Manager

She is incredibly smart, creative, practical, and funny. She is fundamentally a good listener and communicator... able to effectively build bridges between brand and consumer."

Philip Curry / Astral / CEO

"Working with Julie is an absolute pleasure.  Her professionalism and expertise are noticeable from the outset.  These, combined with her enthusiasm for our brand, and vision for handling our specific needs, make for a stellar working relationship - and one that we hope will be ongoing with Hot Skillet Media."

David Moore / Rent this rod / Co-owner

"That was the most productive 2 hours of my outdoor industry career."

Steven reinhold / The appalachian Adventure company / founder

"Julie is a phenomenon, she is incredibly positive and breezy in her interactions and a joyful person, yet also incredibly organized and to the point in her work product. Julie's got serious chops, and she really packs a punch in the PR and ads departments. Julie is very capable and handled PR, Partnerships, and Ads for our brand. She's very connected in the industry through genuine friendships and seems to get everything done effortlessly. A serious asset to anyone that gets on her docket!"

Jessica thompson / yogo / ceo

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