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Founder of HSM, Julie Bacon (yep, you can call her Bacon) is an experienced, data-driven marketing pro who has found her niche in the outdoor industry. Hot Skillet Media is focused on making impactful change within the industry and working with eco-conscious brands. Julie is known for the enthusiasm with which she dives into projects and her keen attention to detail. After three years at a boutique agency in Asheville, NC, managing a myriad of small to medium size brands, Julie launched HSM in 2019 so that she could choose clients that aligned with her values. She prides herself on being an integral part of any team she joins.


You'll find Julie floating between Truckee, CA and Asheville, NC. An avid yogi, mountain biker, kayaker, skier and fly fisherwoman, Julie lives and breathes the outdoors. She's an expert in social media, public relations, event planning, copy-writing and full-spectrum digital marketing. You can read more about what HSM has to offer here.

HSM donates 1% of profits each month to a different organization that advocates for intersectional environmentalism to lift up both people and our planet.

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